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Sticker FAQS

Can I have multiple designs in an order?
Each design is priced as it's own item, so we cannot combine them off of the total amount ordered.

What's a kiss cut?
A kiss cut is when they score it on the paper so that you would peel them off of the paper and there would be some background there.  A sticker sheet specifically would use this, but it is an option for any stickers.  If you wanted a shape that had company information and the design peeled off of it, this would be a good option.

How long do they take to make?
On average, it's about 2 weeks or so in production before they can ship from the factory.  They are made overseas currently.

Can I do any size I want?
Yes.  If you want a size between any of the ones listed, it rounds up for the pricing to the closest, so a 2.75" is priced as a 3"

Can I do larger sizes than are listed?
Yes.  Just email us and we can get you an exact quote.

What is an EZ Peel backing?
It's when they score the back of the stickers so it's easier to peel the back off.  Some people prefer it and some don't.  The pressure from the scoring will show a slight mark on the front of the stickers, but doesn't ultimately affect them at all.

Why can't I get less than 500 rainbow stickers?
Our supplier just has their minimum set to 500.  We can make less, but they'd cost the same as 500.