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At Alchemy, we're passionate about providing solutions that empower artists and creators to fulfill their vision. Our mission is to develop a safe haven for overseas production to equip artists with a reliable, quality-focused experience. We stand as a committed production partner in your creative journey—focusing on quality, collaboration, and education to elevate every project to the highest potential. Whether it’s custom pins or one of many potential options within Alchemy’s myriad of products, we continue to expand our selections to help artists broaden their canvas of possibilities.

Providing a collaborative and educational experience has always been, and will remain, the foundation of what we do at Alchemy. We want you to be part of the process and learn about what goes into making products. Educating creators helps us achieve the best possible outcomes, allowing the artist to grow and mature in their own practice along the way.

Alchemy has helped creators transform their art into over 4 million+ custom products since 2016. We want to help you go beyond promotional products and into truly custom merchandise that represents your business and lifts you to the next level. Being an independent creator can be fraught with uphill challenges. We exist to make your life easier.  Our team is made up of fellow creators and brand owners. We are you. At Alchemy, we understand the intricacies of being an independent artist.  

Before Alchemy, there was Pin Game Strong which was born on the day my wife and I found out that we were pregnant with our soon-to-be daughter, Ruby, fittingly on Father’s Day of 2016. I had been making pins since 2014 for my clothing brand and other artists started reaching out to me for help. The original goal was to help others by providing a trustworthy resource for making enamel pins. It quickly became clear how badly creatives needed reliable support and Pin Game Strong rocketed out of the gate. Alchemy launched in March 2019 as an extension of PGS as the products we offered began to expand far beyond pins.

My background has always been in creating. A musician in my youth, I slept on floors in a punk band, went to college as a jazz performance major (I still play punk…and listen to jazz). I then became an art major where I found another outlet to explore my creative energy. I discovered that I loved thinking of how to execute my ideas onto a canvas and the paths to bring my ideas to life. The process and concepts were what motivated my work and that still holds true today.  Helping others create became my mission and Alchemy is our vehicle.

- Greg / Alchemy



Ruby’s dad, Husboo, self employed since 01, former jazz musician, current singer in a hardcore band, introverted extrovert, flower shirt wearer and member of EO Arizona since 2019.

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