Custom Shirts

Are you looking to make your own custom shirts for your brand or event? We can help with traditional printing using plastisol inks, to higher end discharge and water based printing.

There are a lot of factors in deciding what fits your needs best for any shirts.

If you are a brand who is looking to sell them in your store and at events, we suggest using nicer blank shirts.  Very popular choices are Bella Canvas 3001 and Next Level 3600 100% combed cotton tees.  They are higher end and perfect for your brand.  We can print on any major blanks brand for you and help make some suggestions.

If you plan to use them as promotional giveaways at an event, there are more economical choices, but it's always important to consider how a nicer shirt will lead to more people wearing your promo shirt. 

T-Shirt Pricing Information



Shirt pricing depends on a few things.  Number of inks, number of locations, kind of inks and the garment you choose.  We have some current example pricing (no shipping priced in) on 100% cotton next level shirts that are both high quality combed cotton that would be perfect for your brand.  Please email us to get an exact quote with shipping for any project.

Inks colors

Ink Colors

We can print using any pantone solid coated or pastel inks, as well as having some stock pre-mixed inks and metallic gold or silver.  Other specialty inks are available, but please email us about what you are looking for.

Shirt Brands

Popular brands include Next Level, Bella Canvas, Gildan, etc

Types of Inks

There are a few main types of inks used for printing on shirts.

Plastisol - 75% of all orders choose plastisol, aka regular shirt inks. These are traditional inks on shirts that sit on top of the garment and probably the majority of shirts you own are printed with them.

Dark color garments typically use a white underbase. So a 4 color tee on black is really 5 colors (even if one of those 4 is white cause they hit it 2 times). Underbase + 4 colors for bright colors. *Not using an underbase will dull tones.

$$ - Discharge Inks - Best used on 100% cotton. Re-dyes the fibers and after the first wash feels like a blank shirt. This is a higher end product in terms of feel and what you would sell them for at retail. Can be used on blends and 80 cotton/20 polyester can work but on a 50/50 will be very dampened tones and only used that way for specific effect.

Does not need an added underbase. Ink can never crack with this method because it changes the fibers of the shirt permanently.

$$ Waterbased Inks - Softer feel than plastisol but costs more money. Needs an underbase on darker shirt colors. Water based inks can be a great choice on lighter garments and are more eco-friendly.

Hybrid + Discharge underbase + thinned out plastisol inks. A little more money than normal plastisol and cheaper than all discharge inks. Has a softer feel to the inks because the underbase removes the dye from the shirt and the thinned inks will sit on top, but still have a soft touch to them. Uses an underbase, so a 4 color is really a 5 color project. This would be used on darker garments and works best on 100% cotton


Choose your favorite brand to print on. Looking for something specific? please let us know.