Small Business Tips going into 2024

Invest in yourself
Spend your time and energy on investing in yourself.  There is no better investment you can make.  It doesn’t just have to be financial investment.  Focus your time on your health, developing your art, focusing on your brand vision, educating yourself, your family and on yourself.  Personal growth ripples into all aspects of your family and work life.    

Be more signal and less noise
Don’t contribute to the negative vibes out there and stop wasting time complaining about others.  Contribute less noise and focus on strengthening your signal.  Learn more about your field, provide positive feedback and share what you’ve learned with others.  Don’t waste your energy virtue signaling to get clout in online nonsense.  Direct your energy into positive actions.

Hold yourself accountable
Sadly, accountability is a rare trait these days and it’s one of the most valuable traits to have.  One of Alchemy’s core values is to be accountable.  Follow through, do what you say and stop blaming others.  Start an accountability group amongst your friends or colleagues if you need a kickstart and motivation.  If you mess up, own it.  If you succeed, own it.  Hold yourself to a higher standard. 

Seek out a mentor (or be one)
Having mentors has had such a huge impact on our business and for me personally.  You’d be surprised how willing someone may be to mentor you.  You have to show up, show respect and value their time.  Reach out to an artist or business you look up to and if you are ready and willing to put in the work, you will find someone willing to share their knowledge.  I’ve had a mentor and mentored other businesses every year for the past 5 years and it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience both learning and sharing knowledge.





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