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Keychains 101: 3 Ways to Key!

Whether you use them to decorate a purse or backpack or actually use them to wrangle those darn car keys, keychains are a fun and affordable product to make! We offer enamel key chains as well as several styles of acrylic (including a new favorite- holographic!) 


Enamel Keychains

Enamel keychains are designed in the same manner as pins, but with an attachment loop for keyring hardware instead of a backing post. Hardware is included and comes in several styles, in both silver and gold. To check out the full pricing breakdown as well as hardware options, mosey on over to our enamel keychain FAQs here!


Acrylic Charm Keychains

These have been a real hit! Acrylic charms consist of either one later of acrylic board with an epoxy-covered image on top, or two layers of board with the image sandwiched in between. The image can be opaque or translucent, and the acrylic can have one of several holographic sparkle effects. We can even do glitter epoxy on the single-board ones! The hardware comes in several varieties, including the ever-popular heart and star shaped rings. Learn more about acrylic charms here! 


Iridescent Acrylic Keychains

Our newest offering, these keychains are laser-cut plastic with a layer of iridescent film that is absolutely gorgeous! They come in pink-toned or blue-toned. An optional epoxy top-coat can help keep the hologram from getting scratched with daily use (and we can even add glitter to it, if one layer of sparkle isn't enough!) You can find the iridescent charms here! 

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