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Custom Patches - Embroidered + Woven

Alchemy Merch - Custom Patch Pricing

Alchemy Merch - Custom Woven Patch Pricing

  • Above 8 colors - add $10 per color additional color per 100 (10c +$20/100)
  • Photo printing sublimation available - min 100 qty - +0.50 per (+$50/100)
  • Woven + Embroidery added - Priced as Woven +0.25 per ($25/100)
  • Chenille, felt, or other special fabrics - email for pricing
  • Additional backing options such as velcro, permanent adhesive(sticker) - email for pricing
  • Border options: hot cut(die cut to the edge of design) or merrowed edge(raised border/ only works for more simple shapes)
  • Woven patches: min order 100 pieces
  • Packaging options - email for quotes - Example of a 3.25" x 4.5" card = $75/100 and + $25 each additional 100.  200 = $100
  • Custom backing cards and retail ready available.
  • Glow, Metallic or reflective colors +$15/ 100 - email for options

Custom Patch FAQs

Can I combine multiple designs in one order?
Each different design is considered its own item, so you could not order 50 + 50 for the pricing of 100.

What is a merrowed edge?
A merrowed edge is the raised border often seen on traditional patches, like a scout patch.  It can be used on simple shapes such as a circle, square, triangle, oval, etc.

What kind of backings are available?
We do an iron on backing by default, but we can do other backings such as velcro.  Just let us know what you are looking to do and we can always find out if it's something we aren't familiar with.

Which kind of patches hold the most detail?
A woven patch will hold the most detail, but they are the thinnest.  A 100% embroidered holds the least but is the most dense/heaviest option.

How long do they take to get made?
Once the order details and invoice has been sorted, we submit the order and within 5-7 days, we will see a hard sample of the patch to review.  If approved, they ship them out within 7-10 days normally.  If we need revisions, they will make us new samples until approved.

What kind of packaging options are there?  
A common size we use for patch cards is 3.25" x 4.5" and we have some retail hole hang bags for those if you need them retail ready.  Any size card can be ordered to meet your needs.

Patch Card Template 3.25" x 4.5"



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